11 best women’s yoga tops for every type of yogi

In a world where there’s a yoga brand on every high street, a guru in every office and a mat in every living room, it’s not surprising that trying to choose what to wear to classes can disrupt your inner peace.

There are long tops, short tops, cropped tops, tight tops and loose tops – and that’s before you’ve even considered the type of fabric. So, to help you maintain your zen while you navigate the rails, we’ve used our third eye – along with hours of testing – to give you some insight into the market.

The first thing to consider when setting out to buy a yoga top is what kind of yogi you are. It’s far more important to find a top that suits your class than it is to stick with one brand.

If you prefer hot yoga, you’ll want a top with good ventilation. Those who like a gentler class should be looking for a loose, long top that gives them room to move.

Make sure you use any brand’s size guide when buying a top for yoga, as the level of support you need often depends on body shape. Depending on how rigorous your practice, you might also want to look for tops with sweat-wicking and odour-resistant properties.

We tested all of the below tops during dynamic ashtanga and vinyasa classes, as well as in the comfort of our living room. Our checklist included whether the tops allowed us to move freely, how breathable they were and, most importantly, whether they were comfortable.

We’ve whittled the options down to our 11 favourite pieces – so whether you’re heading to Soul Circus for a summer weekend of wellness, prefer a rigorous studio session after work or love nothing better than a gentle YouTube class on a lazy Sunday morning, we can guarantee you’ll find a top that suits you.


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