Interesting Facts Which Happen When You Stop Having Sex


Interesting Facts Which Happen When You Stop Having Sex

The first thing that comes to your mind after getting the word “sex” is immense pleasure and orgasm. Having sex or making love not only gives you pleasure but also offers you numerous health benefits. Active sex life is very important for a stress free life that not only makes you feel good but also increases the desire to look good. Having sex is a need of human body which adds purpose and meaning to the life and the lack of active sex life makes one feel disoriented and depressed giving rise to several health issues. Let’s find out things that happen when you stop having sex.

यह ब्लॉग डी.एन.एस. आयुर्वेदा के द्वारा है

1. Distraction surrounds your mind

Inactive sex life give rises to stress and anxiety making you less focused. Your mind gets more distracted and you lose interest in everything. Life becomes meaningless and full of distress keeping you sad in your deep down.

2. Promotes insecurity and low self-esteem

Lack of love making can make you feel low, causing insecurity and low self esteem in yourself. You start doubting yourself about your capabilities, strengths, looks, personality, qualities. You start feeling low as a person that affects your identity.

3. Increased risk of heart diseases

When you stop having sex the most interesting thing happens to you is your heart stays no more healthy because the sexual activity is purely a type of cardio activity that keeps your heart strong, healthy and disease free. Having sex regularly burn calories keeping your heart super healthy, which means reduced rate of heart attacks and strokes.

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4. Suffering from insomnia and restlessness

When your body stays free from sexual activity your senses become unresponsive. You feel tired and exhausted which leads to insomnia, restlessness and even depressed. Getting a restful sleep is important for a healthy body as well as mind and a satisfactory sex life can help you to get that.

5. Confused emotions

At a point, you find yourself doing random things that are barely or not related to your life or daily routine which means you start indulging in meaningless and useless things. You might start spending time with negative people, start drinking and smoking habits etc. All these negative actions give you confused emotions such as irritability, depression, anxiety, sadness, discomfort and loss of spirit to achieve or get done something.

यह ब्लॉग डी.एन.एस. आयुर्वेदा के द्वारा है

6. Disturbed relationships

If you stop having sex, the worst thing that can ever happen to you is a bruised relationship. You lose interest in yourself, your looks, your partner, your partner’s point of view, choices and habits. You start hating your partner and everything related to him or her. You suffer  more disagreements and emotional distance and finally you get a disturbed or broken relationship.

7. Erectile Dysfunction in men

Not only women, men also get affected when they feel the absence of sex in their life. The worst thing that happens is erectile dysfunction. It becomes quite difficult for a man to get erection while having sex and sometimes it results in faster ejaculation.

8. Weaker immune system

Believe it or not, if you stop getting involved in sexual activity, your body will become weaker from inside. Your immunity would get weaker making you prone to illness, cold, flu, infections and allergies. So have sex and be strong inside!

9. Increased risk of prostate cancer in men

According to a recent study, guys who stopped having sex more than a year have 20% increased rate of prostate cancer as compared to men who are having regular sex. That is because frequent ejaculations remove potential harmful cancer promoting substances from the prostate.

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10. Risk of UTI in women drops

Well, it’s neither a good news nor a bad but when you stop having sex, risk of getting UTI also drops in women which is quite a good thing that can happen to any woman. According to a research, almost 80% of UTI occurs within 24 hours of sexual intercourse because during sex the bacteria present in your vagina gets pushed in to the urethra causing the infection.

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