Treating Sciatic Nerve Pain – सायटिका दर्द का उपचार

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Treating Sciatic Nerve Pain – सायटिका दर्द का उपचार:

Lots of people don’t realize that you can sometimes get sciatic nerve treatment at home and by yourself. Do your homework so that you can begin to try doing something about it. Lots of folks who suffer from this pain also suffer from feelings of impotence and hopelessness. If you are proactive about it, you’ll start to feel like you’re in charge.

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Sciatica can affect anyone, but there are some things that increase the possibility of having it. Become aware of these factors so you can take the steps necessary to eliminate them. The majority of Sciatic nerve pain sufferers are between the ages of thirty and forty. If you fall in this demographic, be extra careful.

Be very aware of the characteristics of your job that can cause health hazards. If you are required to lift heavy objects, to stay seated for extended periods, or you work at a job with a lot of stress, you are more apt to suffer from Sciatica pain. The likelihood of developing Sciatica increases if you have other health issues such as being overweight or having diabetes.

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Too many people suffering from Sciatic nerve pain end up with a sedentary lifestyle because of it. Yet that only ends up making it much worse for them to deal with. Making a commitment to daily exercise, even if it is only for short amounts of time, will definitely help to treat the problem. There are some specific exercises designed for Sciatic nerve pain so make sure you look into those as well. Make sure you take the time to stretch both before and after you are exercising.

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Take particular care in your posture when you sit down or stand up. Movement sitting or standing may exacerbate the pain if you keep bad posture.

No only your own movement but what equipment you have while you are at rest could cause or alleviate pain. Your mattress for instance may be too hard or soft causing you to sleep in positions that heighten the Sciatic nerve pain. By examining your posture, and looking into your chairs, beds and other furnishings, you should be able to alter your body positioning or replace these items to get relief.

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The most common home remedy for Sciatic nerve pain is to use hot and cold packs on the area of pain. Ice packs and heating pads make this a very convenient treatment option. You start with the application of a cold pack for about fifteen minutes to reduce swelling. Then keep on doing this for the next few days. This is done to relief pain from the inflamed are.

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When that is done, you can start using heat for a few days. If the pain lasts more than four days, switch between heat and cold. At this point you should visit your doctor to find out what is causing it.

By just doing some homework, you will by well on your way to getting sciatica treatments and get almost instant relief.

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